Who are we?

Union Chemicals and Oil is an international oil services company specialized in the drilling fluids and chemicals in the North Africa region.

Being a representative for several European and African producers of raw materials and chemical products, the Company is able to offer world class products and services at highly competitive rates.

Based in Tunis (TUNISIA), UCO is a competent partner in the north africa industries and oil sector, partly due to its wide range of products and technical knowledge and experience linked to those products.

Our customers are often found within the following activities :

   - Drilling Fluids and mud companies
   - Chemical industries
   - Oil field Services

Besides, our catalogue of products includes a wide range of plastic and metal packing materials with the most reliable and certified international standarts at competitive prices.

Drilling fluids and chemicals

Drilling fluids are a water-based or oil-based suspension of clays pumped into an oil well during drilling in order to seal off porous rock layers, equalize the pressure, cool the bit, and flush out the cuttings.

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Non-metallic, non-fuel minerals used in the chemical and manufacturing industries. Examples are Barite, Bentonite, Attapulgite, Gypsum, Salt, Graphite etc

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Large range of packing products for industry use with highest specifications and per.

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UNION CHEMICALS AND OIL provides different logistic services as transport, custom clearance, market prospection and projects analysis following client’s request

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  • Country:Tunisia
  • City:Tunis
  • Phone:+216 26 061 983
  • Phone:+216 71 883 034
  • Fax:+216 71 881 749
  • Email:unchoi@gnet.tn