Manager : Mr. M’hamed BEN ABDALLAH

Diplmed Engineer in Mining and Raw chemical production from the Polytechnic School of Lorraine, FRANCE: former CEO of National Tunisian companies active in the mines and metallurgy field : Société Métallurgique de Tunisie (SMT), Compagnie Minière du Nord-Ouest (COMINO), Compagnie de Phosphates de Gafsa, Office National des Mines.

Commercial Engineer : Mr. Noureddine BEN ABDALLAH

Diplomed Engineer in Biotechnology HES-SO Wallis, Switzerland, analytical chemistry specialization. After a short experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he integrated Union Group team as Responsible for the QA/QC for the chemicals catalogue and supervises the international customs and logistics.


  • Country:Tunisia
  • City:Tunis
  • Phone:+216 26 061 983
  • Phone:+216 71 883 034
  • Fax:+216 71 881 749